We firmly believe that all we do should be respectful of our environment, of biodiversity and of all natural ecosystems. This corporate growth must always guarantee compliance with the principles of sustainability. To ensure a cleaner planet for all. Our aim is to curb the global challenges we face.

  • Create strategies aligned with corporate objectives.
  • Ensure the organization has clearly defined a mission, a vision and values.
  • Maintain, create or improve brand image.
  • Answer the needs of customers and employees alike.
  • Generate new opportunities for growth.

Our MISSION (why we exist)

Top quality event management (meetings, congresses, trade fairs, etc. ...) that guarantees maximum quality and efficiency while working within a framework of sustainability.

Our VISION (what we seek)

We seek to be an organization:

• With a will to serve, both open and close to the society in which we operate, a company to be trusted

• Which is knowledge-based, possessed of a stimulating culture and a cohesive, committed human team.

• Based on the efficiency and effectiveness of a job well done.


Customer orientation: we learn, understand and consolidate the needs of our clients, with whom we establish an honest, genuine relationship, built around proximity and mutual respect.

Respect for the environment: commitment to the environment, minimizing the environmental impact of all we do while contributing to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity.

Respect for people: we are committed to appropriate and stable working relationships, based on a framework of equal opportunities for all.

Personal Development: we promote the development of the individual through cohesion, collaboration and teamwork.

Innovation and research: developing ideas to improve the services we provide to society and technological innovation.

Integrity: Guaranteeing honest, dignified, ethical behavior will generate trust in our company, supported by our transparent management and communication with all stakeholders.

Transparency: our ability to communicate and inform in a sincere and truthful way who we are, what we do and why, generates trust, credibility and reputation amongst different stakeholders.

• Development of sustainable proposals.

• Participatory and shared work process.

• We inform companies about the current legal regulations applicable to their sector in everything related to our responsible attitude (selective waste collection, access, security).

Service to society: commitment to meet the needs and expectations of society.

Credibility: We always keep our word!


Compensate for the CO2 emissions

Grup Congrés encourages all its clients to calculate and compensate for the CO2 emissions at any of the event is taking part. The carbon footprint is the indicator of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the life cycle of a product, service or organization. It is quantified in CO2 equivalent emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Its determination and calculation is based on standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

If you are attending an event and you want to compensate for the footprint of your own personal participation, please click on following links:

Reference Webs:



Emission calculator for an activity:


Ecological footprint calculators:





Following, we invite you to learn about the responsible tourism policy and some good practices to contribute to sustainability: