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Catalan Society of Urology

Ever since 1998, Grup Congrés has had the honour of running the Permanent Technical Secretariat of the Catalan Society of Urology, the body responsible for organising all the different scientific events the society holds every year, in addition to its monthly teaching workshops, the Institutional Supper and all the regular meetings of the society’s Executive Council.

So Grup also organises the society’s annual symposium, held in a different Catalan town every year and attended by over 200 urologists. On 2017 has been held in the Academy of Medical Sciences of Barcelona the XX Simposium. Grup’s work consists of the coordination of the scientific, organising and technical committees and the promotion of the active participation of the pharmaceutical industry. We also concern ourselves with the management of registration, accommodation and the reception of papers.

In 2017 the SCU commissioned us to design, start up and maintain its new website, to provide an agile access to all information related to urology.