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1st Eco-Computer Symposium

Barcelona, February 12-15, 2014

60 participants

In 2014 the French firm, Eco-Compteur, selected us as their DMC for the organisation of their annual encounter which, on our suggestion, was to be held in Barcelona. As they were so happy with our organisation of the meeting that year, Eco-Compteur decided to employ us as their agency of choice for the organisation of their following annual encounters in different European cities: ROME was the choice for 2015 and we are currently preparing the 2016 meeting, to be held in Lisbon.

The method by which we work with the firm is that, after jointly deciding on the destination, we will propose the hotels we deem most appropriate, both to host the delegates, and for the different work sessions. In addition, we develop a leisure programme for the encounter: for example, in Barcelona we organised a cycle tour and also chose the restaurants at which the different social events were to take place.